Smart Windshield Technology Could Change the Way You Drive

smart windshield You can add smart windshields to the list of clever devices that enhance your life, such as your smartphone, smart TV and smart refrigerator. Now it’s your car that will help you exert less ment

Why You Need a Certified Auto Glass Technician

auto glass technician A certified auto glass technician is a trained professional. They don’t replace windshields as a side job — it’s their career. It takes time and money to invest in high-level auto glass training

Utah Window Tint Laws

window tint Window tint is an attractive upgrade for your car, but is it legal? Before you spend money making changes to your auto glass, do some research. In Utah, you can get window tint and still avoid a re

Does a Mobile Auto Glass Repair Company Offer the Same Services?

mobile auto glass Is mobile auto glass repair just as good as taking your car into a professional’s garage? Your teenager slammed the car door too hard. You drove behind a gravel truck on the highway. You tried po

Replacing a Windshield Requires Precision

replacing a windshield Your safety is paramount — replacing a windshield isn’t a car repair you should put off. In the event of an accident, a windshield prevents vehicle collapse, it keeps occupants in the car and it f