Utah Auto Glass & Windshield Replacement

When you need auto glass repair or windshield replacement in Utah, you need it fast—Glasshopper fast. Your locally owned and operated Glasshopper Auto Glass offers premium auto glass servicing quickly and at your convenience.

Take advantage of a mobile service, which ensures that no matter where you are, from the gym to your office, a skilled technician will hop right to you and take care of cracks, chips and even complete replacements.

You choose where the repairs take place, then sit back and let the professionals come to you and take care of business. Absolutely any glass on any car, truck or SUV can be repaired or replaced in a jiffy.

Windshield replacement is particularly critical because even a small crack can dramatically reduce a driver’s vision. This can lead to dangerous driving conditions for everyone on the road. Bear in mind that small cracks can suddenly grow into major ones, usually at the most inopportune time if Murphy’s Law is in effect. No driver should be behind the wheel of a vehicle with a subpar windshield, which is why Glasshopper Auto Glass takes windshield repairs and replacements seriously.

Top of the Glass

Door glass replacement is also crucial since it can lead to reduced vision while letting in the elements. If a door’s window has been busted by vandals or car burglars, you’re likely facing shards or gummy glass littering your seat and floorboards. Drivers and passengers alike deserve a ride that is safe and secure, which means zero glass particles and a sparkling glass window.

Quarter glass replacement—those smaller windows in the backseat—might not seem as pressing as a windshield or full-sized door glass, but they are. A broken quarter glass can let in the elements from snow to rain, allow easy access to your car and might be lurking in your blind spot making driving a challenge.

“Patience, Young Grasshopper”

You don’t need patience with this Glasshopper. Fortunately for drivers and car owners in Utah, Glasshopper Auto Glass will quickly come to your rescue whether you’re stuck on the shoulder of a highway or caught a major chip while at the grocery store. However, this is no “young glasshopper.” As a proud Utah company, Glasshopper Auto Glass has been serving their neighbors and community for several years, bringing only the most talented and customer service-oriented technicians on board. An auto glass issue doesn’t need to ruin your day, or even be a bump in the road. Glasshopper Auto Glass is at your service, no matter the make, model or year of your ride.