Should You Replace Your Windshield if it Has Multiple Chips?

windshield replacement Do you have to replace your windshield if it has only one small chip? What if there are two or three? When does windshield damage cross the line into dangerous or illegal territory? Car ow

Windshield Repair in Winter: What You Need to Know 

Windshield Repair in Winter: What You Need to Know  When you need windshield repair in winter, a number of factors come into play that you don’t have to worry about during other times of the year. The top two issues repair technicians agree upon are

6 Signs Your Windshield Wasn’t Installed Correctly 

replacing a windshield When you get your windshield replaced, you want to be sure your new auto glass is secure. You trust your installer to use the right technique and follow manufacturer guidelines, but what if they mak

Why Is Rear Window Replacement Different?

rear window replacement A rear window replacement requires the assistance of a technician with auto glass repair experience, but the project is a little different than a front windshield replacement. When your rear windo

Scratched Windshield: Can You Fix It? 

Scratched Windshield Can You Fix It A scratched windshield is more than a nuisance; it’s a danger. If your vision is obstructed in any way, it poses a risk to you, your passengers and other motorists on the roadway. Is it possible