Does a Mobile Auto Glass Repair Company Offer the Same Services?

mobile auto glass Is mobile auto glass repair just as good as taking your car into a professional’s garage? Your teenager slammed the car door too hard. You drove behind a gravel truck on the highway. You tried po

Replacing a Windshield Requires Precision

replacing a windshield Your safety is paramount — replacing a windshield isn’t a car repair you should put off. In the event of an accident, a windshield prevents vehicle collapse, it keeps occupants in the car and it f

Will Your Vehicle Pass an Auto Glass Inspection?

auto glass inspection Utah A comprehensive auto glass inspection is part of Utah’s state-mandated vehicle safety testing program. Your car’s windshield plays an important role. It helps keep your car stable, holding

5 Reasons Windshield Damage Spreads

windshield damage You do your best to avoid windshield damage, but you can’t always control what happens on the roadway. A stray flying rock from a gravel truck could hit your windshield, you could get in an accident

Can You Prevent Auto Glass Damage?

auto glass damage Some types of auto glass damage can’t be avoided, like when a rock, a tree branch or a baseball hits your windshield. While you can take some precautions, like avoiding driving behind a gravel truck