5-Point Windshield Checklist 

The windshield is what stands between you and the wind, bugs and weather. Did you also know it could prevent your vehicle’s roof from collapsing in the event of a crash? You might not notice it much (unless it’s dirty), but that transparent shield is necessary to the safe operation of your motor vehicle!

Since replacing your windshield can be a bother and an expense, we’ve compiled a five-point checklist to help you keep your auto glass clean, strong and functional.

#1: Replace Your Wipers

Your windshield wipers touch the windshield most often. Because of this, it’s important that you check them periodically for peeling rubber and rusting. Most manufacturers recommend replacing them every six months.

Make it a habit to look them over every time you change your oil, or every three months, and if you see wear and tear, purchase and install a new set stat to avoid scraping your auto glass.

#2: Use a Plastic Ice Scraper

Sometimes vehicle owners use metal scrapers to clean ice from their vehicles during the winter. This is a definite no-no! You want to keep metal away from your auto glass (this is why you need to replace wipers before the rubber comes off). Replace any metal scraper with a plastic one to protect your windshield.

#3: Keep the Glass Clean

When the windshield is dirty, your wipers need to work twice as hard to get it clean, and this can lead to faster wear and torn rubber, which can then expose metal that scrapes the glass. Show your windshield some love by taking it to the car wash or scrubbing it gently in your own driveway with manufacturer-approved windshield cleaner.

#4: Fill Your Washer Fluid

Keep your washer fluid reservoir full so your windshield wipers can wipe away the debris on your auto glass. Wipers set in motion without cleaning fluid can grind dirt into the glass.

#5: Get Chips and Cracks Repaired Immediately

Notice a chip or a crack? The most urgent type of windshield damage is a crack that is longer than 6 inches or reaches the edge of the windshield, touching the vehicle’s frame. But realistically, all types of windshield damage merit quick repairs, so place your call to Glasshopper Auto Glass as soon as you notice a problem.

Maybe your experience with other auto glass repair providers wasn’t great — they showed up late or not at all, or made you come to them. You don’t have to worry about these concerns when you trust Glasshopper Auto Glass. We make windshield repair convenient, and best of all, we make it affordable. Contact us today for a free quote!