Quarter Glass

When does a “quarter” add up to big dollars quickly? When quarter glass replacement in Utah is put on the back burner.

A car’s “quarter glass”—the smaller panes in the backseat—might not seem as important as the driver or passenger glass door, the windshield or rear window, but it is. When broken, it instantly decreases the value of a vehicle while making it much more vulnerable to car theft. Grab and go criminals are opportunists, and they may not be able to resist the temptation of a broken quarter glass. Additionally, drivers are allowing the elements into their backseat, which can mean a myriad of things in Utah. Snow, hail stones, rain and more can easily collect in your backseat without a proper quarter glass replacement.

Don’t Procrastinate Quarter Glass Replacement

Repairing your quarter glass is just as critical as repairing the windshield. This is especially true if the quarter glass is in your blind spot, since suddenly your blind spot is truly blind—not even looking over your shoulder will help. It is paramount that all glass on a car be in good condition and crack-free, because this offers drivers the safest of conditions. Plus, remember that a small crack can turn into a big one in the blink of an eye, so do not wait if you notice quarter glass damage.

Quarter Glass Window Replacement

Here’s a Quarter Glass Expert in Utah

If you really need to call someone who cares, you don’t need a quarter to do so. Glasshopper Auto Glass offers mobile services for free and will handle any auto insurance claims you may want to file. There is no need to drive your car to a Glasshopper Auto Glass technician because we are just a hop, skip and a jump away from you, and we will be there quicker than your last delivery order. Simply call Glasshopper Auto Glass, let them know what the damage is and where you’re located. You can then relax at a nearby coffee shop, at your car or at any other adjacent location until the work is done—which won’t be long at all.

It is very dangerous to drive a vehicle with broken glass, even if it’s a short distance. It is possible for glass shards to be hidden in the seats or console, where they are not immediately noticed. The distraction of having no buffer for highway sounds can cause accidents. Additionally, there is no telling whether a crack will get worse on the road or not, and it should never be risked.