Rock Chip

Would you feel safe driving if your car had worn brake pads or a leaking tire? The answer is probably no. The same go should go for when your windshield has been damaged by a flying rock. While chips caused by rocks are common and frequently go untended to, you should know that this damage is a serious threat to your safety.

At Glasshopper Auto Glass, we take rock chip repair seriously. We come to you with our full set of tools and a trained technician on board, ready to correct this seemingly innocent — but actually hazardous — auto glass imperfection. You can trust our team to be on time and to get your rock chip repair done for an affordable price.

And if repair isn’t an option, we offer cost-effective auto glass replacement services as well for Utah car owners.

When You Notice the Rock Chip Damage

Right after rock chip damage, you might notice dirt in the dented area, but don’t try to wash it out. Moisture could make its way into your windshield and make it harder for the repair resin to set. Your best bet is to cover the rock chip damage with a piece of tape. The next step is to call Glasshopper Auto Glass as soon as you can.

rock chip repair windshield

Little Chip, Big Problems

A rock chip does more than just create a speck in your vision while driving. Although that alone is a clear safety violation, rock chip damage causes additional side effects that are even more hazardous. The integrity of your windshield is vital — it’s what supports the frame of your car in the event of a crash. Just one little chip has the potential to jeopardize the safety of everyone on board.

Rock Chip Repair or Replacement in Utah?

When can the damage realistically be repaired, and when is replacement the only option? We come to the scene and assess the severity of the problem. If the chip is within the recommended repair parameters, we can take care of it quickly. If the chip has developed into a crack that has grown beyond repair, we will recommend you replace the windshield.

While we do all we can to extend the useful life of your auto glass, safety always comes first. No matter what, all material we use to complete rock chip repair or auto glass replacement is first-class, high-quality, meeting all original manufacturer specifications.

Don’t Let a Pebble Get You Down

Depend on Glasshopper Auto Glass for fast, effective rock chip repair at your convenience. Our highly qualified team comes to your aid with on-the-spot windshield repair when you have auto glass problems. Utah vehicle owners can rest easy when Glasshopper is on the job. Call today to set up your appointment!