5 Reasons Windshield Damage Spreads

You do your best to avoid windshield damage, but you can’t always control what happens on the roadway. A stray flying rock from a gravel truck could hit your windshield, you could get in an accident or it may start hailing.

windshield damage

Many variables can cause windshield damage, but you should know what causes it to spread. That way, you can limit further damage while you wait for an appointment with an auto glass repair specialist.

1. Moisture

One of the top causes of spreading windshield damage is rain, snow and ice. Windshields are made up of two layers of glass with a layer of vinyl in between. The crack or chip in the first layer allows moisture to penetrate. When temperatures drop, the moisture freezes, expending internal pressure and worsening the crack.

If you have windshield damage, keep your car inside your garage until you get it fixed, and definitely don’t take it to the car wash.

2. A Bumpy Ride

If you drive over a pothole, slam on your brakes or shut your car door a little too firmly, you could make your windshield damage worse. The crack may be small right now, but ignoring it and continuing to drive normally could potentially allow it to spread.

3. Dirt

When dirt gets into a crack, it weakens the windshield’s entire structural integrity. You can protect your windshield by placing a piece of transparent tape over the crack until you can see a windshield repair technician. It won’t obstruct your view, and it will keep dirt out.

4. The Hot Sun

When a cracked windshield is exposed to the sun beating down on it for hours, the glass heats up, and this can make the crack widen considerably. Park your car in the shade until you have the chip repaired.

Don’t blast your air conditioner when you get back in the car either, because the drastic change in temperature isn’t good for keeping your auto glass stable.

5. Extreme Cold

Cold weather changes the game, because your windshield bends in a slightly more concave shape when temperatures drop. This causes chips and cracks to spread horizontally. In addition, just like you shouldn’t blast the A/C after your car’s been sitting in the sun, turning your heat on high and directing it at a cold windshield is another bad move.

You won’t have to worry about all the factors that make your windshield damage worse if you get it fixed right away. Make an appointment with Glasshopper Auto Glass — we come to you. Whether you’re at work, school or parked in your driveway, we make the trip and repair or replace your auto glass quickly, ensuring your safety on the roadway.