Auto Glass Damage? Gravel Trucks Might Be to Blame

Auto Glass Damage

Auto glass damage is a nuisance, it’s costly and it’s a safety hazard.

When a rock flies up and hits your windshield, chipping it or even cracking it down the middle, you can’t help but feel frustrated.

Is it possible to prevent future damage or even get reimbursed for a replacement windshield?

Flying Gravel on the Highway

If you live near a gravel pit, chances are you have seen trucks hauling gravel merge onto the highway beside you. Even when the trucks are empty, a stray rock left behind can fly out when the truck hits a bump in the road, and in many cases, your windshield will take the brunt of the hit.

Cracked Windshields Threaten Your Safety

Depending on the location, a chip or crack can make it hard to see out the windshield. Also, chips and cracks weaken your vehicle’s entire structure. The roof has a greater chance of collapsing if it doesn’t have the full support of the windshield glass.

Auto glass damage threatens your safety in another way as well. If you are in an accident, your airbags are designed to partially hit the windshield and then cushion you from injury. If the glass gives way because it’s cracked, your upper body is less protected in a collision.

Can You Get Reimbursed?

You probably saw your windshield crack, and you may know for sure that it was caused by gravel from a transport truck, but it’s extremely difficult to prove.

The company can claim the rock that caused the damage was probably kicked up from the ground. And many gravel companies post signs on the backs of their trucks that say “keep back 100 feet” and “driver not responsible for objects thrown from road” to further absolve themselves of any liability.

While the company probably fields many angry calls from motorists like you who are dealing with auto glass damage due to flying gravel, the only time they may reimburse you for windshield repair costs is if they are caught breaking the law.

In many states, including Utah, it is illegal for trucks to have a heaping pile of gravel in tow that is higher than the truck’s side walls. Many drivers get citations for this.

If you know your auto glass damage was caused by an overfilled gravel truck, try to take a picture and write down the license plate number. Only then do you have a shot at receiving any reimbursement for damages.

Invest in High-Quality Windshield Repair

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