Do You Have an Auto Glass Warranty?

An auto glass warranty assures car owners an integral part of their vehicle’s visibility and support system can be repaired for free in the event of damage. Is your vehicle covered under this type of warranty? Find out, and if not, look into whether purchasing this type of coverage would be a good choice for you and your vehicle.

New Car Warranty Coverage

If you purchased your vehicle new, the warranty included is designed to protect drivers up to a certain mileage threshold. However, new car warranties that include vehicle glass coverage normally only pay a claim when it can be proven the repair is needed due to a manufacturing defect. New car warranties will not pay for repair to a windshield that was hit with debris while you were driving. If the seal begins to leak or stress cracks appear and it can be proven no outside factors contributed to the damage, the manufacturer’s warranty may pay the cost of repair or replacement.

What Will Your Insurance Cover?

Insurance companies offer varying levels of glass repair coverage. For example, you may be able to receive free rock chip repair, but you may pay a higher annual premium for this service. Some comprehensive insurance policies may cover damage from theft, vandalism or collision with an animal, but they might only repair the windshield, not the side or back windows.

It is important to read the fine print on all insurance policy documents before agreeing to the price. Inquire if you are required to pay a deductible on windshield repair costs. In some cases, no deductibles warrant higher annual payments, but this will vary among carriers and locations. Also, ask if these types of claims stay on your permanent record, counting against you when the insurance premium is reassessed in later years.

Warranties after Auto Glass Replacement or Repair

Most professional repair shops offer a workmanship guarantee on all of their installations. If the windshield replacement shows signs of seal damage or leaking after the repair, the shop should rectify the problem at no cost to the vehicle owner. Additionally, product warranties and service plans may be available for purchase when auto glass is replaced. In most cases, purchasing a service plan add-on to a repair can save you time and money. The next time your auto glass suffers damage, you can immediately contact your provider for no-cost, fast service.

Call Glasshopper Auto Glass for timely, affordable repairs and receive high-quality, long-lasting results from your replacement windshield, sunroof, windows and all other glass parts. Ask the professional team about an available auto glass warranty, guarantee of service and how coverage can ensure your vehicle’s glass is cared for long-term.