Will Your Auto Insurance Pay for Windshield Repair?

Windshield Repair

If you have windshield damage, then you need windshield repair fast. A broken windshield means your safety is at risk, and you might be cited by law enforcement for driving with an obstructed view.

Before you start worrying about the price of the windshield repair bill, find out if your auto insurance covers the cost.

Get the Details on Your Coverage

Your first step is to read your auto insurance policy. Do you have comprehensive coverage? If so, auto glass may be included under that provision. While some states make comprehensive coverage mandatory, others do not, so it will depend on if you opted for this when you signed your insurance contract.

If you do have comprehensive coverage and it does include auto glass repair, make sure you clarify what type of auto glass is included. Sometimes insurance policies may include windows but not windshields.

Think About How it Will Affect Your Premium

Now it’s time to weigh your options. If you have a $500 deductible and windshield repair only costs $250, it’s clear that you won’t use your insurance policy to help pay the bill. However, if you have a low deductible and the cost of repairs is higher, it may be worth it to take advantage of your coverage.

Ultimately, you should think about the long-term effect of making a claim. Some insurance companies don’t count auto glass claims against you. This means that it won’t affect your premium. But if it will go on your insurance record, saving even a few hundred dollars right now may not be worth it if you end up spending thousands more in insurance over the years.

Beware: Sometimes even calling insurance companies to ask about coverage could go on record, even if it’s not considered a claim.

Deductibles May Not Apply

Some insurance companies waive the deductible for windshield repair. In fact, if your car is insured in certain states, state law may require that insurance companies pay for windshield repairs in full.

File Your Claim

If you’ve decided to go forward with your claim, work with an auto glass repair specialist that knows how to process insurance documents quickly. If you’ve found that you aren’t happy with the service or coverage you’re eligible for under your auto insurance policy, look at changing carriers or coverage options before your windshield gets damaged again.

You can trust Glasshopper Auto Glass to help you handle every step of filing your insurance claim, along with providing superior windshield repair right when you need it.