Avoid Windshield Repair Fraud: Don’t Get Scammed

Windshield Repair Fraud

Windshield repair should not be done in a mall parking lot. Has a stranger approached you in a public place and tried to convince you your windshield needed repair immediately?

These scam artists use scare tactics and make you doubt the security of your entire vehicle, maybe calling attention to a small chip you never even noticed before.

While it’s true that a damaged windshield is dangerous, it’s even more dangerous to have your windshield repaired by one of these so-called “experts” who randomly approach unsuspecting drivers and have no known credentials.

You could end up with a poorly repaired windshield, and you may have unknowingly helped scam your own insurance company in the process.

How Does Windshield Repair Fraud Work?

Most commonly, if you are being targeted in a windshield repair scam, you are approached by random strangers. In more sinister cases, these people may have even caused the damage to your car’s windshield before approaching you.

They convince you to use their services and file a claim with your insurance company. Since most insurance companies do not require you to pay a deductible for auto glass repair, you are not charged a cent for this service.

But the charges billed to your insurance company are usually much higher than the cost to actually repair the glass. And once the scam-runners have your information, they can charge multiple claims to your name and policy.

Who Loses Out in the Deal?

While you don’t pay anything up front, you will pay in the long run. Fraudulent or multiple claims will jack up your insurance bill. Additionally, the product you receive from those who pose as auto glass technicians is of a questionable quality at best.

They may make existing cracks worse and cause you to have to have to file additional claims in the near future.

How to Make Sure Your Windshield Is Repaired Correctly

Only repair a windshield that actually needs it — don’t let an unqualified “expert” try to convince you of weaknesses in your windshield. Always say no when approached by strangers for any services involving your car, but especially your auto glass.

Visit a reputable shop in person to get an assessment of your windshield’s condition if you are worried.

Only work with a repair company that offers a written warranty and has a longstanding reputation of quality service in the community. If you are claiming the repair on your auto insurance, call your insurer to verify that the correct charges were filed. Ask for an itemized bill from the company to make sure.

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