Do You Need Vehicle Mirror Damage Repair?

Damage to your vehicle’s mirror is one of many frustrations that can arise for car owners. Whether you were sideswiped in the grocery store parking lot or ventured too close to a wall, a broken mirror must be replaced promptly to keep you safe while operating your vehicle.

Broken Mirror

Be prepared to handle mirror damage ― read about how to respond and tactics you can use to prevent this problem from happening.

Common Ways Auto Mirrors Break

One of the most common ways car mirrors are damaged is by driver error. Pulling into tight parking spaces or garages can result in smashed glass or a broken side mirror component. City driving and parking is also dangerous for side mirrors, as other drivers who are attempting to parallel park may get too close to your vehicle and break off your mirror. Your side mirrors could fall victim to vandalism as well, or they could simply be a part of the total damage resulting from a car accident.

Car mirrors can also be smashed if you forget to fold them inward when entering a car wash. You could scratch or dent the glass while attempting to clean them, as some mirror glass may not be resilient or may be weakened over time.

Strategies to Prevent Auto Mirror Damage

Try to always be aware of your mirrors when assessing a potential parking space or driving in reverse. Drivers may be too focused on their rearview mirror to notice that the driver’s or passenger’s side mirrors are about to collide with a structure or another vehicle.

Always park in the safest area possible, whether in the city or the suburbs. Leave plenty of space between you and other cars and tuck your mirrors in when you leave your car parked on the street for long periods of time.

Only clean the auto mirror glass with soft, clean rags and appropriate cleaning solutions to make sure you do not harm the mirror with an unfit, abrasive cleaner.

Will Your Insurance Cover the Repair?

If the damage happened because of a car accident, whoever is at fault must pay the deductible, and the insurance company will finance the repair. Of course, if only your mirror was broken, you may want to simply fix the issue yourself if it costs less than the total for the deductible.

If you carry comprehensive coverage, this will pay for repairs resulting from vandalism, theft or any other act of God over which you have no control. But again, the insured is liable for the deductible first, and depending on the extent of the damage, it may not be financially worth it to file a claim.

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