Smart Windshield Technology Could Change the Way You Drive

You can add smart windshields to the list of clever devices that enhance your life, such as your smartphone, smart TV and smart refrigerator. Now it’s your car that will help you exert less mental energy to get you where you need to go.

smart windshield

While smart windshields are mostly still in development, the next decade of car manufacturing will feature many interesting changes for that pane of glass that will soon do much more than protect you from the wind.

How it Works

A smart windshield won’t solve all your problems, but it is designed to minimize most of them, while helping you keep your eyes on the road.

You will be able to see your speed projected on the windshield, eliminating the need to look down at your dashboard. You will also be able to see your next navigational turn — no need to check your smartphone’s map or listen closely to voice directions.

Better yet, the technology is constantly improving. While most smart windshields today only show these data points on one area of the glass, Toyota has patented technology that moves the information around based on where it’s easiest for you to see. By analyzing steering angle and speed, the interior and exterior cameras will locate your viewpoint and place the information you need in the optimal spot for easy viewing.

Ads While You’re Driving? It Will Soon Be a Reality.

One of the latest changes involves all that extra windshield space you don’t use while driving. Advertisements soon may be popping up on your smart windshield. In fact, by 2030, this type of advertising is expected to generate $1.5 trillion.

Need gas? Your smart windshield (connected to your smart car) will tell you when you’re running low on gas and all the local prices. You’ll also find out which gas station you should choose if you want a 99-cent cup of coffee — your windshield will show you the best deal based on your past locations and buying history.

Tech execs are even talking about allowing you to order fast food through your windshield using facial recognition software that’s connected to your credit card. Just pull off the highway and pick it up.

Goodbye Blind Spots — Hello Automatic Wipers

Jaguar has a plan to produce a 360-degree windshield that eliminates blind spots. Swedish technology company Semcon is developing a program that will activate your windshield wipers based on anticipated splashes and precipitation, preparing to clear your view before the water ever hits the glass.

What Does This Mean?

At Glasshopper Auto Glass, we’re determined to stay ahead of all smart windshield technology so we can provide our customers with the best service possible. You can trust us with your windshield today, and into the future, whatever advanced technology will bring! Schedule your appointment with our highly skilled, knowledgeable technicians, and trust your windshield is in good hands.