Why You Need a Certified Auto Glass Technician

A certified auto glass technician is a trained professional. They don’t replace windshields as a side job — it’s their career. It takes time and money to invest in high-level auto glass training, and that’s why the results a certified auto glass technician deliver far exceed what you’ll get from a fly-by-night amateur.

Depend on a certified professional to replace your windshield.

auto glass technician

Your Windshield Is a Safety Device

Seventy-five percent of people who are thrown out of the vehicle in an accident do not survive. Your windshield keeps you in the car. In addition, it provides up to 60 percent of the car’s structural support if the vehicle rolls over. You don’t want to leave over half your car’s stability to chance, do you?

Windshields do more than protect you from precipitation and guard against flying insects. They keep you safe. Allow only a highly trained expert to replace your windshield. Faulty work is a direct threat to your safety.

Certified Techs Use the Best Materials

A certified technician knows that using original engine manufacturer (OEM) parts in auto glass repairs is the best decision. They will only use aftermarket auto glass that’s approved and guaranteed to offer the same effectiveness.

They don’t settle for subpar materials to make a bigger profit. They put your safety first.

Skilled Installation of the Latest Technologies

Many modern windshields offer advanced technology. Proper installation is key to ensure they work as they are supposed to. From rain and light sensors to HUD technology, a qualified installer has been trained to repair it all.

Protect Your Vehicle’s Value

If your new windshield isn’t installed correctly, it may be prone to leaking. This can lead to rust inside your vehicle, which can seriously detract from your car’s value. Plus, a leaking windshield is definitely not a safe windshield. When you depend on a proficient installer, you don’t have this problem.

You Aren’t at Risk Due to Common Mistakes

Some of the common mistakes made by unqualified technicians include touching the seal with their bare hands. Oil from the skin jeopardizes the seal’s ability to fully mold to the glass. Technicians are supposed to use gloves to prevent this problem.

Also, a fully certified auto glass technician will be sure to prepare with the correct materials, such as primer, to ensure full stabilization of the new windshield.

We don’t cut corners, and our staff of certified auto glass technicians is here for you! Call Glasshopper Auto Glass today to schedule an appointment, and we will come to you.