What’s Included in an Auto Glass Repair Quote?

Auto Glass Repair Quote

An auto glass repair quote can range widely in price. Quotes are based on which part needs service, the vehicle’s make and model and whether the project involves a basic repair or complete replacement.

Your vehicle’s windshield is more than just your portal to view the roadway — it’s integral to your car’s structure. Whenever your windshield sustains damage, whether it’s a small chip or a large, spider web-like crack, get service from a trusted technician right away.

Repair or Replace?

Many factors determine whether windshield damage warrants a complete replacement or if a simple repair will be sufficient. The technician will assess the size, location and depth of the chip or crack. Some cracks up to a foot long can be repaired, but some chips that are deep enough to have damaged both layers of glass are cause for replacement.

Your auto glass repair quote should outline the shop’s professional recommendation and explain why repair or replacement is the best course of action in your situation.

Repairs Are Less Expensive

If your windshield can be repaired, that will save you the most money, and it’s better to get the job done sooner rather than later. Waiting will only allow the damage to get worse.

Replacement Costs Depend on the Details

An auto glass repair quote should include an explanation of the details. No shop will be able to give you an exact price unless they know the make, model and year of your vehicle. As cars become more complex and additional sensors are included on windshields, it may take professionals more time to complete the job.

The type of glass used also will factor into the final price. For instance, you can opt to get OEM (original equipment manufacturer) glass and you will pay more, but you will know for sure that the glass is certified to meet all safety standards. You might pay less for aftermarket glass, but it might not be the same quality.

Labor also will be included in the price. Most repair and replacement jobs are completed relatively quickly, unless you own a luxury car that needs its glass special-ordered from the manufacturer.

Your final price also will depend on whether you’re repairing or replacing the front or back windshield, because they are sized differently. Would you like to replace your windshield wipers at the same time? This will be an added cost.

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