What’s the Best Windshield Washer Fluid for Your Vehicle?

Windshield Wiper FluidBeing out of windshield washer fluid can be like driving blind, so check your level of this important cleaner regularly to make sure you don’t run out at an inopportune time. You don’t want to be up on the highway going 65 miles per hour and have an 18-wheeler in front of you splattering dirty slush left and right when you realize your washer tank is dry.

You may hear differing opinions on what type of fluid is truly best for your vehicle. What product will work most effectively at keeping your windshield clear of slush, mud and any other debris that comes its way?

Can You Use Only Water?

Don’t fall victim to this common myth. It is not a good idea to use water as your windshield washer fluid. In the summer, a tank of standing water in your vehicle is a magnet for bacteria. When you spray the infected water on your windshield, the bacteria can be transported through your air filtration system and contribute to illness.

In the winter, using water as your windshield washer fluid is a definite misstep. It will quickly freeze in the washer lines, breaking seals and requiring repairs.

Use Antifreeze Mix in the Winter

Depending on where you live, you will want to select washer fluid with the appropriate proportion of antifreeze mixed in. If you select a product with too little antifreeze, it may freeze on contact with your windshield.

Check the label ― many products clearly state the range of temperatures in which the fluid will continue to work. Having a clean windshield can save you from getting in an accident and suffering bodily harm.

Make Refilling More Convenient

In the middle of winter, you may need all the extra space in your trunk you can find, between transporting and storing holiday gifts and outdoor gear. You may not have room for a giant bottle of windshield washer fluid.

You can save space in your trunk by foregoing the gallon-sized bottles in favor of a smaller bottle of concentrated solution. When you need to refill the reservoir, mix the concentrate with the prescribed amount of water. Make sure you use the right proportions, however, as too much water can thin out the mixture and make it less effective.

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