Why Is Rear Window Replacement Different?

A rear window replacement requires the assistance of a technician with auto glass repair experience, but the project is a little different than a front windshield replacement.

When your rear window shatters, maybe you assume it will cost the same and take the same amount of time to repair as a front windshield. While this could be the case, it also may not.

rear window replacement

The materials and labor are different for rear window replacement. Why?

The Results Are Similar

Maybe it was a rock, piece of a tire, block of wood, flying landscaping tool, baseball or a falling branch. Whatever the cause, your back window is broken and now you have crumbled glass everywhere and a cold draft. You need to get it fixed stat, especially before it starts to rain (or snow).

The difference with windshields is, they don’t shatter. And by law, you don’t have an option — you have to get your broken windshield repaired right away or you could get ticketed. It’s a safety concern.

A back window is also a safety concern, but it’s less likely the police will notice. And the comfort factor is more of an issue — you can’t drive around with a broken window in winter!

If you got a quote from an auto glass professional, the projected invoice might have looked different than what you’re used to, and you may wonder why.

Rear Windows Are Made of Different Glass

Windshields are made of safety glass. This is glass that has been laminated and joined with another piece of glass, with a film of vinyl in between. It will never shatter in a crash.

Rear windows are made of tempered glass — glass that has been heated to extremely high temperatures then rapidly cooled. This process makes it much stronger than any other type of non-tempered glass. Tempered glass won’t shatter either — it will crumble. There won’t be any jagged edges to deal with, just tiny sand-like crumbs that will get everywhere.

So since you’re paying for a different type of glass, the price will be different.

Defrost Grids Are Needed

If your rear window has a defrost grid that’s connected to your car’s heating system, the technician will have to install this as well. This process can add to the cost of rear window replacement.

Your Car Needs a Cleanup Too

Typically, auto glass technicians include cleanup in their quote so you don’t have to go searching for tiny bits of glass throughout your car.

Need Help?

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