Scratched Windshield: Can You Fix It? 

A scratched windshield is more than a nuisance; it’s a danger. If your vision is obstructed in any way, it poses a risk to you, your passengers and other motorists on the roadway.

Is it possible to fix a scratched windshield without replacing it? If the scratch isn’t too long or too deep, the answer is yes.

Scratched Windshield Can You Fix It

But when is a quick fix is possible, and can you do it yourself?

Minor vs. Major Scratches

First, you must determine the depth of the scratch before deciding if a DIY repair will work.

Run your fingers over the edge of the scratch. Does your fingernail catch in the indent? If so, this scratch is too deep for an amateur repair. Contact a repair professional like Glasshopper Auto Glass to help. Deep cracks require immediate attention, as they can quickly spread and threaten the integrity of the windshield and the vehicle.

But if the scratch is smooth to the touch, you can likely use an affordable auto glass repair kit to buff it out.

Compound Glass Repair

You can find auto glass scratch repair kits at most auto body or hardware shops. Look for a kit that uses a compound with the active ingredient cerium oxide. This is the chemical that helps bond the compound with the auto glass.

Wash, Apply, Rinse, Dry, Polish

Follow the instructions in the auto glass repair kit. It will likely tell you to wash your windshield first with soap and water. Once the glass is clean, apply the compound to the scratch using a cloth. Rub it completely into the damaged area.

Next, rinse the scratch with water to remove any excess compound. Dry the entire windshield.

After allowing the glass to sit for at least 30 minutes, it’s time to restore the entire windshield to a full shine. Rub polish in circular motions, wipe the excess away and let it dry.

When You Need Professional Help

Glasshopper Auto Glass can provide the help you need when an at-home fix won’t work for your scratched windshield. If it’s possible to safely and effectively repair the scratch and preserve the windshield’s structural integrity, we’ll do it. Otherwise, we can replace your windshield quickly and affordably to make sure you aren’t at risk on the roadways. Contact us today to schedule mobile service with your friendly local auto glass repair experts.