Not All Auto Glass Is Created Equal: Here’s Why

Your auto glass is more important than you might recognize, at least until it cracks. Once it chips and the spider web of splintered glass starts obstructing your view, your windshield quickly becomes your top priority.

Windshield Repair Fraud

But be careful about the type of new windshield you install — you could wind up with something that isn’t durable, effective or safe, and it could create more problems than it solves. What do you need to know before you get a new windshield?

What’s Special About Your Windshield?

In modern vehicles, a windshield isn’t just a way to protect you from road debris and keep out precipitation. Often, it’s a key piece of your electric systems.

Many modern windshields have embedded radio antennas, cameras and rain sensors. If you replace your car’s original windshield with low-grade auto glass, you’ll no longer have the use of many of your vehicle’s features.

If you want to know the specifications your windshield must have in order to fully integrate with your vehicle, check your owner’s manual before scheduling a replacement.

Pitfalls of Subpar Auto Glass

Original equipment manufacturer parts (OEM) and original equipment equivalents (OEE) are the only two types of auto glass you should install in your vehicle. These designations mean the glass will meet federal safety guidelines for windshield manufacturing, a feature that’s non-negotiable.

Your windshield is part of your vehicle’s structural integrity. It’s what helps keep the roof from collapsing in a roll-over accident. Thus, safety standards are essential to auto glass manufacturing. Your safety isn’t worth the lower cost of subpar auto glass!

Low-quality auto glass might not have adequate solar protection, and you could experience an unusually high interior vehicle temperature as a result. It might even bubble over time.

What Assurances Do You Have?

Beyond just the quality of the windshield itself, you must ensure you’re investing in professional installation. The method used to anchor a new windshield into place directly influences its performance and longevity. From the type of adhesive used to their specific certifications, fully investigate the track record of the company you hire to take care of your new windshield installation.

Also, you use an installer that offers a guarantee on their services and a material warranty. Reputable companies usually offer a lifetime warranty on defects — that’s how confident they are that their product and installation service will be successful for your vehicle.

Why Trust Glasshopper?

Regardless of whether we’re installing a new windshield at your gym parking lot, in your office building garage or at home in your driveway, you’re getting the same high-level service and high-quality auto glass every time. It’s why Glasshopper is Utah’s trusted windshield replacement service provider, and it’s why you should call us today if you spot windshield damage.