Windshield Repair Myths You Shouldn’t Believe 

Is windshield repair on your to-do list? Maybe you noticed a small chip in your line of sight. Maybe your windshield has a crack that’s been growing, but you’ve been putting off the service call.

Windshield Repair Myths

Is it because you’ve fallen for one of these common windshield repair myths? You wouldn’t be alone. Many vehicle owners believe the following four “facts,” but they aren’t facts at all!

Top Myth: Placing a Claim Bumps up Your Insurance Payment

The biggest misconception about windshield repair is that you’ll automatically have to pay a higher insurance policy premium next year if you put in a claim. Yes, if you put in multiple accident reports involving high-cost repairs, this might be the case. In reality, most insurance companies don’t hike up your rates for something as minor as a windshield repair. After all, they know you can switch companies for a better rate at any time!

However, if your auto glass claim is one of many indications that you’re not the best, safest driver, the odds may not be in your favor. But if it’s the only interaction you’ve had with your insurance company over the course of your policy, they probably won’t count it against you.

And as always, explore the cost of paying for the repair out of pocket. That might be your best bet, just to be safe!

Myth #2: You Can Replace it Yourself

Unless you have the right tools and training, you cannot replace a car windshield on your own — it won’t provide a safe resolution.

The windshield is integral to the vehicle’s structural integrity. It’s what keeps the roof supported in the event of an accident. It’s not a job you want to trust to an amateur (aka, you!).

Myth #3: ANY Auto Glass Damage Requires Windshield Replacement

Just because you have a chip in your windshield does not mean you need to have it replaced. It’s possible to repair auto glass in its early stages of damage, but only if it’s caught before it spreads. Windshield repair is faster and just as effective if it’s done right.

Myth #4: All Auto Glass Repair Companies Are the Same

When you finally make the decision to call for windshield repair, do you plan on just searching online for the first company that shows up, or flipping open the phone book to see what’s closest?

Be careful — not all auto glass repair companies are the same. While one may use a high-quality replacement product, another may use aftermarket auto glass, which may not fit or function as well. And not all repair shops come to you. But here at Glasshopper, your safety and convenience are our two top priorities.

Glasshopper Auto Glass offers mobile windshield repair for when those chips and cracks start adding up and you know driving around with broken auto glass isn’t an option! Call today to set up your appointment.