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6 Steps to Frustration-Free Windshield Repair

You need windshield repair … again. A stray flying rock, a fallen tree branch — do you just have bad luck or is your auto glass out to get you?


Regardless of why your windshield is damaged again, you know you need windshield repair right away. Maybe you have been putting it off because you had a bad experience last time with your auto glass repair company, but resist the urge! A secure windshield is key to a secure car.

To cut down on your frustration, follow the six steps below to get great windshield repair fast.

1. Take a Picture of the Damage

You might not end up claiming the damage on your insurance policy, but you should take a picture of it anyway, because if you change your mind, you will need proof.

2. Measure the Crack

Get out your measuring tape. Once you know how long the crack is, it will help you decide if the glass should be replaced or if a repair is possible. If the crack is less than 6 inches, you may be able to repair it. If it’s longer, you need a new windshield.

3. Find a Trusted Repair Specialist

Check out online reviews and ask your friends for recommendations, but make sure the windshield repair company you select has a long résumé of success. Plenty of amateurs will gladly take your money and deliver a subpar repair, but you can avoid this by asking the company you select for past referrals and information about their work.

4. Opt for Mobile Service

Scheduling mobile windshield repair can save you tons of time and preserve your safety. When your repair company comes to you, you don’t have to risk driving around with a compromised windshield. You can get your auto glass fixed while at home or work and getting other things done instead of sitting in a waiting room.

5. Let the New Windshield Set

Ensure the repair is completed successfully by waiting for the glue to set properly after your technician leaves. Follow their instructions on how long to wait to drive afterward.

6. Get a Copy of the Receipt

Get an itemized copy of the receipt for all work completed on your car. This will be important if you decide to file an insurance claim.

Windshield repair is a cinch when you trust Glasshopper Auto Glass to handle the job. Call us today to set up your mobile service appointment — we come to you!

Foggy Windshield — What Can You Do?

A foggy windshield isn’t just annoying — it’s dangerous, especially when it forms on the inside of your vehicle. You can’t just switch on the windshield wipers to take care of it, and you’re too busy driving to wipe down the interior glass.

foggy windshield

What should you do? Don’t panic!

Why Does it Happen?

A foggy windshield isn’t impossible to fix fast, but first you need to know why it happens.

When fog forms on the outside of the windshield, that’s because it’s more humid outside than inside the car’s cabin. Thankfully, wiper blades can easily clear the windshield. You can also raise the interior temperature by turning off your air conditioning, or at least raising the temperature.

The real problem is when you have an interior foggy windshield. It’s hard to wipe down, plus it leaves streaks on the glass that further interfere with your view of the road. Fog forms inside when the air in the car is more humid than the air outside. What can you adjust to make it go away?

Turn Off Recirculation

First things first — turn off the interior recirculation option. Otherwise, the car will continue feeding the damp, moist air through the system and you will still have a foggy windshield. The recirculator button has an outline of a car with an arrow inside. Turn it off before you do anything else!

Turn on the A/C

Next, it’s time to de-humidify the car’s cabin. Turn on the A/C, which will remove moisture from the air and bring the cabin humidity down, matching the drier exterior air.

This is a common problem that can happen regardless of any outdoor temperature changes. Your car’s cabin can get a foggy windshield because of extra passengers breathing or even from piping-hot takeout sitting on the front seat. But when you know how to fix it fast, you aren’t at risk anymore.

The Good News? It Will Soon Be an Outdated Problem.

New cars are coming out with automatic anti-fogging features. Models from Chrysler and Fiat have climate control systems that include windshield sensors that scan the glass to ensure visibility is good regardless of the weather.

Soon, you won’t have to monitor windshield fog at all — your car will automatically adjust your recirculation and A/C settings for you.

When You Need Windshield Repair

A foggy windshield isn’t the only problem you might experience when it comes to auto glass. Windshield chips or cracks also interfere with visibility and threaten your safety as well. Thankfully, you have Glasshopper Auto Glass on your side. We will come to you and quickly repair your windshield so you can drive confidently, knowing you can see and you’re safe. Call today to schedule your windshield repair appointment.

Smart Windshield Technology Could Change the Way You Drive

You can add smart windshields to the list of clever devices that enhance your life, such as your smartphone, smart TV and smart refrigerator. Now it’s your car that will help you exert less mental energy to get you where you need to go.

smart windshield

While smart windshields are mostly still in development, the next decade of car manufacturing will feature many interesting changes for that pane of glass that will soon do much more than protect you from the wind.

How it Works

A smart windshield won’t solve all your problems, but it is designed to minimize most of them, while helping you keep your eyes on the road.

You will be able to see your speed projected on the windshield, eliminating the need to look down at your dashboard. You will also be able to see your next navigational turn — no need to check your smartphone’s map or listen closely to voice directions.

Better yet, the technology is constantly improving. While most smart windshields today only show these data points on one area of the glass, Toyota has patented technology that moves the information around based on where it’s easiest for you to see. By analyzing steering angle and speed, the interior and exterior cameras will locate your viewpoint and place the information you need in the optimal spot for easy viewing.

Ads While You’re Driving? It Will Soon Be a Reality.

One of the latest changes involves all that extra windshield space you don’t use while driving. Advertisements soon may be popping up on your smart windshield. In fact, by 2030, this type of advertising is expected to generate $1.5 trillion.

Need gas? Your smart windshield (connected to your smart car) will tell you when you’re running low on gas and all the local prices. You’ll also find out which gas station you should choose if you want a 99-cent cup of coffee — your windshield will show you the best deal based on your past locations and buying history.

Tech execs are even talking about allowing you to order fast food through your windshield using facial recognition software that’s connected to your credit card. Just pull off the highway and pick it up.

Goodbye Blind Spots — Hello Automatic Wipers

Jaguar has a plan to produce a 360-degree windshield that eliminates blind spots. Swedish technology company Semcon is developing a program that will activate your windshield wipers based on anticipated splashes and precipitation, preparing to clear your view before the water ever hits the glass.

What Does This Mean?

At Glasshopper Auto Glass, we’re determined to stay ahead of all smart windshield technology so we can provide our customers with the best service possible. You can trust us with your windshield today, and into the future, whatever advanced technology will bring! Schedule your appointment with our highly skilled, knowledgeable technicians, and trust your windshield is in good hands.

Why You Need a Certified Auto Glass Technician

A certified auto glass technician is a trained professional. They don’t replace windshields as a side job — it’s their career. It takes time and money to invest in high-level auto glass training, and that’s why the results a certified auto glass technician deliver far exceed what you’ll get from a fly-by-night amateur.

Depend on a certified professional to replace your windshield.

auto glass technician

Your Windshield Is a Safety Device

Seventy-five percent of people who are thrown out of the vehicle in an accident do not survive. Your windshield keeps you in the car. In addition, it provides up to 60 percent of the car’s structural support if the vehicle rolls over. You don’t want to leave over half your car’s stability to chance, do you?

Windshields do more than protect you from precipitation and guard against flying insects. They keep you safe. Allow only a highly trained expert to replace your windshield. Faulty work is a direct threat to your safety.

Certified Techs Use the Best Materials

A certified technician knows that using original engine manufacturer (OEM) parts in auto glass repairs is the best decision. They will only use aftermarket auto glass that’s approved and guaranteed to offer the same effectiveness.

They don’t settle for subpar materials to make a bigger profit. They put your safety first.

Skilled Installation of the Latest Technologies

Many modern windshields offer advanced technology. Proper installation is key to ensure they work as they are supposed to. From rain and light sensors to HUD technology, a qualified installer has been trained to repair it all.

Protect Your Vehicle’s Value

If your new windshield isn’t installed correctly, it may be prone to leaking. This can lead to rust inside your vehicle, which can seriously detract from your car’s value. Plus, a leaking windshield is definitely not a safe windshield. When you depend on a proficient installer, you don’t have this problem.

You Aren’t at Risk Due to Common Mistakes

Some of the common mistakes made by unqualified technicians include touching the seal with their bare hands. Oil from the skin jeopardizes the seal’s ability to fully mold to the glass. Technicians are supposed to use gloves to prevent this problem.

Also, a fully certified auto glass technician will be sure to prepare with the correct materials, such as primer, to ensure full stabilization of the new windshield.

We don’t cut corners, and our staff of certified auto glass technicians is here for you! Call Glasshopper Auto Glass today to schedule an appointment, and we will come to you.

Utah Window Tint Laws

Window tint is an attractive upgrade for your car, but is it legal?

Before you spend money making changes to your auto glass, do some research. In Utah, you can get window tint and still avoid a rejection sticker when you visit the motor vehicle registry for an inspection. You just need to know the rules.

window tint

Why Do You Want It?

Window tint offers both aesthetic and functional benefits. The visual appeal is the most obvious reason car owners want to tint their windows. Many people love the way it looks. It transforms your stock vehicle into a sleek, personalized ride. It helps your windows blend better with darker trim, and makes them stand out from chrome finishes.

The functional benefits are a major advantage too.

First off, tinted windows offer privacy. No prying eyes at stoplights can see in, but you can still see out. Second, it helps reduce the physical discomfort of living hot, dry Utah. The sun beats down here mercilessly, but window tint reduces heat absorption inside your vehicle. In fact, it’s the product’s central purpose.

Recent changes to state laws make it a finable offense to leave your car idling beyond two minutes in Salt Lake City. You can’t keep your A/C on while you run into the store, but you can trust your tinted windows will help block UV heat and maintain a cooler interior. It can be a major relief in the heat of the summer.

Utah’s Current Law

Regardless of the reasons you want to modify your windows, everyone has to abide by the rules. Utah law states that windows behind the driver and front passenger sides have no limitations on tinting.

When it comes to the driver and passenger windows, restrictions get more complicated. You can add tint, but it must allow at least 43 percent of light in. No tint is allowed on the windshield, except for a 4-inch strip at the top of the auto glass, or to the AS-1 line.

How Does the Law Compare to Neighboring States’?

Many drivers have issues passing Utah’s vehicle inspections, especially when they are relocating from a neighboring state. Utah’s vehicle laws are stricter than surrounding states’. Idaho and Nevada require at least 35 percent of light allowed in, Wyoming requires 28 percent, Colorado 27 percent and New Mexico requires the least at 20 percent.

If you’re concerned about whether your modified, tinted auto glass will pass inspection, talk to a qualified window tint installation professional. Call Glasshopper Auto Glass — we can help assess your auto glass before you visit the motor vehicle registry.

Does a Mobile Auto Glass Repair Company Offer the Same Services?

Is mobile auto glass repair just as good as taking your car into a professional’s garage?

Your teenager slammed the car door too hard. You drove behind a gravel truck on the highway. You tried pouring hot water on your icy windshield to thaw it. No matter who or what caused the damage, now you’re stuck with a cracked windshield and a full schedule. You have no time for an auto glass appointment.

mobile auto glass

Mobile auto glass repair is an attractive option, but will your windshield really be as good as new? How can you be sure you’re getting the same level of service?

You Have an Expert on the Job

It’s a common question — is mobile auto glass repair just as good? Undoubtedly, the answer is yes.

Changing a windshield isn’t the same as replacing your brakes or tires. Your technician doesn’t need a vehicle lift to get the job done. And their glass technology kits, along with your new, high-quality windshield, can easily fit inside their truck or van.

Mobile glass experts have the same extensive level of training and industry-verified certifications. You’re getting the expert service you need — you’re just getting it delivered to your doorstep.

It Keeps You Safe

Mobile auto glass repair is more than just a trend; it’s a new way to stop windshield cracks and chips before they cause accidents.

A chipped or cracked windshield jeopardizes the integrity of your car’s structural frame and makes it hard to see the road ahead. When you have a proactive, expert technician who will come to you, you don’t have to risk your safety to get windshield repair.

You Can Stay on the Clock

Take a day off to get your auto glass repaired? Are you crazy? Don’t ever do that! Schedule a mobile appointment with a technician who will gladly come to your workplace to handle the project. Stay on the clock and don’t aggravate your boss or use up your precious vacation time.

Insurance Still Covers It

If you’re using your auto insurance to pay for the damage, don’t worry about coverage. Insurance companies cover mobile service the same as in-house repairs. As long as the company you choose is reputable and certified, you won’t have a problem with reimbursement.

Your Only Concern? The Weather.

The only issue that may affect your ability to get effective mobile service is the weather. It’s not safe to install a new windshield when it’s wet. If you have a carport or garage, your technician will still be able to complete the work. Otherwise, you may have to wait until precipitation stops.

Contact Glasshopper Auto Glass for affordable, efficient mobile auto glass repair. We provide service at home, work or school and we also have locations throughout Utah. Call now to set up your appointment!

Replacing a Windshield Requires Precision

Your safety is paramount — replacing a windshield isn’t a car repair you should put off. In the event of an accident, a windshield prevents vehicle collapse, it keeps occupants in the car and it facilitates proper airbag deployment.

replacing a windshield

When you have windshield damage, you need immediate service, but not just any kind of service; you need a professional to handle the job.

Out with the Old

Replacing a windshield is a complex process that requires experience and training. Many steps are involved in the project.

First, the technician will remove the molding from the edge of the windshield, then take off any windshield stickers and the interior rearview mirror. They will use special tools to cut around the edges of the windshield, being careful not to nick the vehicle’s paint.

Once the windshield is detached from its seal, the technician will use suction cup handles to lift it out. They’ll clean the inside edge of the frame, making sure to remove all traces of adhesive.

In with the New

Next, it’s time to apply a new adhesive to the frame’s edges, then install the new windshield. This is a critical point in the process, as there is only about a 15-minute window to work with the adhesive, and the windshield can’t slide from side to side once it’s placed — the technician has to lower it exactly right the first time.

The technician will replace all the trim and molding and clean up the edges. Once the new windshield’s adhesive has a chance to cure, the project is complete.

Only Depend on a Certified Technician

Never hire a professional who isn’t certified by the Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council (AGRSS). This is the leading auto glass industry association that tests the training and expertise of auto glass technicians, ensuring that those who gain certification always follow manufacturer guidelines and offer a service standard that ensures motorist safety.

Make Sure They Use the Right Adhesive

One of the most common mistakes when installing a windshield is not using the right type of adhesive. If you are working with an AGRSS professional, you won’t have to worry about this issue. Subpar service providers may try to cut corners, and using cheap materials is how they save money. But they put you at risk in the process. A windshield that can break free in an accident isn’t a safe solution.

Glasshopper Is on Your Side

We are an AGRSS certified provider, so you never have to worry about the quality of our work. Replacing a windshield is a serious job — it directly relates to the safety of you and your passengers. We treat your vehicle with care. Call us today to set up an appointment with our auto glass specialists!

Will Your Vehicle Pass an Auto Glass Inspection?

A comprehensive auto glass inspection is part of Utah’s state-mandated vehicle safety testing program.

auto glass inspection Utah

Your car’s windshield plays an important role. It helps keep your car stable, holding up your roof in the event of a crash, preventing an inward collapse. It aids with visibility, helping prevent accidents and injuries to yourself and other motorists on the road.

When you visit the Department of Transportation for your vehicle’s safety inspection, an in-depth auto glass inspection is a big part of the visit. Will your vehicle pass?

Utah Safety Inspection Laws

In Utah, vehicles that are 4, 8 and 10 years old must pass safety inspections. Once the vehicle is 10 years old, it must pass a safety inspection every year. The registration must be valid and you must schedule the inspection for within two months of the registration’s renewal.

The auto glass inspection is just part of a comprehensive look at your entire vehicle, but your vehicle can easily fail if it has even a small windshield crack. According to state restrictions, cracks and chips are OK only if they are within the 6-inch border of the edge of the windshield, measured from where the glass meets the edge of the molding and toward the center of the windshield.

The inner part of the windshield is called the acute area. If a crack extends into this area and is longer than 1 inch, your vehicle will fail the auto glass inspection.

Examining Your Windshield

Before you schedule your vehicle’s visit, take a good look at the acute area of your windshield. Use a measuring tape to check the length of each mark. Err on the side of caution. Even though you may hope your vehicle can sneak by, think about why these standards are in place — for your safety. It’s in your best interest to make sure your windshield is solid, clear and secure.

Do You Need Repair or Replacement?

Call a professional auto glass repair company to get their opinion on your windshield. They will have experience helping their customers pass state safety inspections, and they will know if the damage to your auto glass threatens your ability to pass.

They will also be able to give you options: Do you want to repair or replace the windshield? If the damaged can be repaired, this option may be a more cost-effective choice. If it’s too extensive for a repair, you’ll go into your safety inspection with a new, perfect windshield that’s guaranteed to pass scrutiny.

Trust Glasshopper Auto Glass for a professional auto glass inspection, and affordable repair or replacement solutions — we come to you.

5 Reasons Windshield Damage Spreads

You do your best to avoid windshield damage, but you can’t always control what happens on the roadway. A stray flying rock from a gravel truck could hit your windshield, you could get in an accident or it may start hailing.

windshield damage

Many variables can cause windshield damage, but you should know what causes it to spread. That way, you can limit further damage while you wait for an appointment with an auto glass repair specialist.

1. Moisture

One of the top causes of spreading windshield damage is rain, snow and ice. Windshields are made up of two layers of glass with a layer of vinyl in between. The crack or chip in the first layer allows moisture to penetrate. When temperatures drop, the moisture freezes, expending internal pressure and worsening the crack.

If you have windshield damage, keep your car inside your garage until you get it fixed, and definitely don’t take it to the car wash.

2. A Bumpy Ride

If you drive over a pothole, slam on your brakes or shut your car door a little too firmly, you could make your windshield damage worse. The crack may be small right now, but ignoring it and continuing to drive normally could potentially allow it to spread.

3. Dirt

When dirt gets into a crack, it weakens the windshield’s entire structural integrity. You can protect your windshield by placing a piece of transparent tape over the crack until you can see a windshield repair technician. It won’t obstruct your view, and it will keep dirt out.

4. The Hot Sun

When a cracked windshield is exposed to the sun beating down on it for hours, the glass heats up, and this can make the crack widen considerably. Park your car in the shade until you have the chip repaired.

Don’t blast your air conditioner when you get back in the car either, because the drastic change in temperature isn’t good for keeping your auto glass stable.

5. Extreme Cold

Cold weather changes the game, because your windshield bends in a slightly more concave shape when temperatures drop. This causes chips and cracks to spread horizontally. In addition, just like you shouldn’t blast the A/C after your car’s been sitting in the sun, turning your heat on high and directing it at a cold windshield is another bad move.

You won’t have to worry about all the factors that make your windshield damage worse if you get it fixed right away. Make an appointment with Glasshopper Auto Glass — we come to you. Whether you’re at work, school or parked in your driveway, we make the trip and repair or replace your auto glass quickly, ensuring your safety on the roadway.

Can You Prevent Auto Glass Damage?

Some types of auto glass damage can’t be avoided, like when a rock, a tree branch or a baseball hits your windshield. While you can take some precautions, like avoiding driving behind a gravel truck, not parking underneath trees and keeping your car away from the outfield, you don’t have complete control over your environment at all times.

auto glass damage

On the other hand, you can take some actions that will help prevent auto glass damage and keep your windshield secure.

Don’t Slam Your Car Doors

Don’t take out your frustrations on your car’s doors — you’re only going to feel worse if you crack the glass. Repeated slamming of a car door sends reverberations through the vehicle’s frame and can weaken the glass, potentially leading to a crack.

Use the Right Cleaning Supplies

You need to clean your windshield, but make sure you’re using the right products. Ammonia-based cleaners are a no-no, but you can find formulas specifically designed for windshields.

Pay Attention to Temperature Changes

Try to park your car in the shade so your windshield doesn’t heat up too much. You could also open your windows a crack so that the heat doesn’t build up too much.

Once you get back into your car, don’t blast the air conditioning right away. Allow your car to cool down slowly, and direct the cold air away from the hot windshield. An extreme drop in temperature can crack the glass. Your goal should be to keep the windshield at a steady temperature.

Replace Wipers and Keep Fluid Reservoir Full

Don’t wait until the rubber is peeling away from the metal to replace your windshield wipers. Otherwise, they can end up scratching or chipping the windshield.

Windshield wipers can cause auto glass damage, especially if there is no washer fluid to help them work. Replace them on a regular basis, and refill your windshield washer fluid reservoir regularly as well.

Don’t Wait to Get Repairs

When you do spot a chip or crack, don’t put off calling a repair company. If you catch the problem early enough, you probably won’t need windshield replacement. Auto glass damage is repairable in many cases, but you will need a knowledgeable technician to look at it to know for sure.

Trust Glasshopper Auto Glass to take care of any type of auto glass damage, large or small.